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Different Types of Apartments

Apartment living has become popular with people thanks to the fact that they
are more economical to rent or buy, safety, easy maintenance and the aspect of
community living. But living in an apartment is not easy either. Things can get
irritating, right from noisy neighbors to horrible landlords and tight spaces.
But with some adjustments, living in an apartment can be great going! What
differentiates apartments is its size, features and utility. Here are few different
kinds of apartments for you to check out:


Studio Apartments
Popular as Bachelor apartments or Efficiency apartments & preferred for
single living, these apartments are relatively smaller apartments with Kitchen,
Bathroom and Bedroom integrated well within one single room.


Penthouse Apartments
With a fabulous view of the skyline & landscape, the penthouse apartment is a
luxury apartment that is placed on the the top most floor of the building.
Amongst the flats in Kerala, these are the most luxurious apartments &
usually come with balconies and roof-top decks.


High Rise Apartments
High rise apartments are the right answer to accommodate the large populace
in the metropolitan cities. They are tall structures with mostly 2BHK, 3BHK
and 4BHK apartments. There are many luxury apartments in Kerala as high rise
apartments which can even be found in the outskirts of metropolitan cities.


Low Rise Apartments
Low rise apartments are smaller structures when compared to high rise
apartments Rising maybe one to four floors, they are more suited for central
parts of the city. A low-rise apartment may or may not have a lift.

Condominium or a Condo are apartments owned by an individual but with
different people coming together to live. The owner may rent out the
apartment to a small set of people in such apartments. Condos & apartments
have similar features and amenities but differ in ownership.


Convertible Apartment
An apartment which has a design that can be optimized to create more
number of rooms is a convertible apartment. Flexible walls are used to
differentiate spaces & offer great utility and privacy in these apartments.


Duplex or Triplex Apartments
Duplex apartments have two storeys and a common entrance with a private
staircase to reach the first floor. Such apartments with 3 storeys are known as
Triplex apartments. Being luxury apartments, they have designs optimised for
added space & more rooms.


Service Apartments
These apartments are popular with travellers looking for a short stay in the
city or tourists looking for a personal space. They are usually booked for a
small period of time & offer luxury and privacy. The charges for service
apartments differ by the reason and season. Many flats for sale in Kerala have
been converted to service apartments by owners to rent out to tourists and
business travellers.


Generally with an open floor plan with lots of space it’s usually a large room in
the building that has been transformed to a residential space from a
commercial one like a warehouse or a factory. High ceilings and windows,
exposed brick and support beams characterize a loft apartment.


Garden Apartments
Apartments with access to gardens in the backyard, front side or sometimes
within the apartment depending on the design of the home. Usually found in
the ground floor, these apartments generally have bigger windows.
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