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Smart Tips to Build Low Budget Homes

Building a low budget home is a challenge in itself! With the passing years, the cost of construction material and labour has become unbearable so to build your dream home you should go about it wisely. Here are a few smart tips to build low budget homes from, a leading real estate portal to buy luxury flats in Kerala.

Buy a plot within your budget

With land prices going through the roof, buying landed property is a big investment! Try to buy land in suburban areas where land cost is affordable and still there is scope for developments.

 Smart Design

A well worked out plan from a good Architect in place can reduce the costs. Always make sure you adhere to it during the construction phase. The architect can plan your home as per your requirement & budget. Discuss with your family members before you finalize the plan. This can help avoid waste of money, time and material.

Get expert technical help

Technically experienced contractors and civil engineers make all the difference in your budget while constructing your dream home. You can brief the contractor about your requirements and ask him to come up with cost-effective methods and materials to construct your home. He can help you find cost-effective material, labor, and strategies to build your home within budget.

Source from reputed dealers

The market is flooded with construction material dealers and suppliers! However, the cost and quality of the material may vary. With thorough research you can find low cost, low maintenance construction material from well-reputed dealers. 

 Salvaged material

You can get reusable and good quality materials from demolition sites. An experienced person can guide you to get salvaged materials from the material market.

Get accessories from reputed suppliers

Opt for simple quality low-cost accessories without much ornamentation for wiring, plumbing fixtures, flooring etc. These will keep the purchase within budget.  

Avoid unnecessary decor

Keep your home simple and natural and avoid extravaganza as much as possible. DIY decor adds a personal touch as well!

Grand Kitchens and bathrooms not a must!

Expensively designed kitchens and bathrooms can add to the cost. In many luxury flats for sale in Kerala, you can find grand kitchens and glamorous bathrooms. It is always better to avoid heavy fixtures, furniture, flooring and expensive accessories for your bathrooms & kitchens. 

Avoid expensive wood

The cost of wood is very high nowadays. You can try to buy low-cost wood for your home needs. Always buy non-wood fixtures like Steel doors and windows, plastic doors for bathrooms etc. 

Prefabricated construction material

Prefabricated concrete slabs, concrete blocks, and units can be deployed to reduce the overall construction cost. These eco-friendly materials save construction time, labour cost and reduce site disruption.

We hope these smart tips top build low budget homes have been useful to you. Check in with to buy flats for sale in Kerala. Good luck to you!

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