All you need to know about Floor Area Ratio

All you need to know about Floor Area Ratio

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) – One of the most frequently used terms in real estate! If you are going to buy a flat, have you any idea what FAR really means? Here is all you need to know about Floor Area Ratio from, the premium portal for buying & selling Kerala flatsRead on…

The total floor area in a building divided by the area of the plot on which it stands is known as Floor Area Ratio (FAR). For example, if a 3,000 square foot (sq ft) building stands on a 1,000 sq ft plot, the floor area ratio is 3. 

FAR = Total Floor Area / Plot Area

FAR – Relevance

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of a project stipulates how much a developer can build on a plot on the given plot of land. A higher FAR leads to a higher density of the project. Flats in Kerala with several floors have a higher FAR than villa projects. The total constructed floor area will be more considering all the apartments built on the plot. 

The FAR is decided by municipal corporations or the development authority, according to the rules & regulations existing there. This varies from one city or even locality, to another. FAR rules help keep the construction in check and also ensures the structural safety of a building, to some extent. The FAR may even decide how cities may shape up. Even within a city, FAR may differ. If a lower FAR is allowed the density of people living there will be less. 

Floor Area Ratio and Floor Space Index

The terms FAR and FSI are used identically. While FAR is expressed as a ratio, FSI is an index and expressed in percentage.

Plot Area x FSI = Built-up area 

Exceptions to FAR

Amenities like Common spaces, Parking areas, any interior open space like the balcony, basements exclusively used for parking, attics, exterior spaces, sports courts, etc. are excepted from FAR. 

Premium FSI

At times, the Municipal Corporation allows a premium payment of 20% land value of ready reckoner rate (RR), for converting an industrial land into commercial or residential use. This can be done regardless of the exact location or even the zone or the building type at the time of getting the commencement certificate (CC). The Government allows flexibility on FSI with the payment of the fee of the premium FSI.

Criteria for premium FSI:

Road width Premium FSI

30-40 ft 20%

40-60 ft 30%

Over 60 ft 40%

Hence, if you have a road with a width of 30-40 ft, you will be able to build 20 % more than the permissible FSI, on payment of the required premium FSI charges.

Land area x normal FSI x premium FSI in percentage = Built-up area

Only when the relevant development authority issues a completion certificate do we know if any FAR violation has taken place. Therefore, ask to see the completion certificate, before buying a property. Check out flats for sale in Trivandrum at  

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