Things housing societies must know to fight Coronavirus

It is the second wave of the pandemic, many people have been infected. Cases are increasing and there might be cases in your vicinity or flat complex also at the moment. But no need to panic! Here’re some important things housing societies must know to fight Coronavirus. This insight is brought to you by Luxury Kerala Flats, the prime real estate portal for buying, selling and renting flats in Kerala.


  • If there is a suspected/sure case of coronavirus, make sure that the person is quarantined and outsiders (maids, drivers, delivery people, visitors) maintain a safe distance.
  • An affected family should not be ostracised. It amounts to harassment and causes trauma. Remember we all are vulnerable to the virus. 
  • Always help by giving provisions or any medical supply, to the family.  Don’t enter the premises, just leave it at their doorstep..
  • Do keep in touch with the family by means of phone, WhatsApp etc.
  • Keep ambulance services numbers handy
  • Playgrounds with swings and slides should be closed temporarily so that children are not tempted to use these.
  • Indoor sports areas, gyms, common yoga or meditation rooms should not be used frequently now.
  • Avoid using clubhouses even if it is within your society.
  • As much as possible avoid using common taps, public washrooms and toilets.
  • Restrict use of lifts. If that is not possible, ensure that you are using a sanitiser immediately after use.
  • Avoid crowding in lifts.
  • Ensure that reception areas or lounges within apartment complexes are used only if necessary. 
  • Make sure security and that the housekeeping staff wear masks.
  • The housekeeping staff should be provided with proper gear & gloves while cleaning such areas.
  • Proper disposal of waste should be strictly adhered to. The waste should be segregated into biodegradable, non-degradable and medical waste, 
  • Medical and other waste from an infected person should not be dumped in open dumping grounds. Alert sanitation workers and secure the waste in multiple bags so that the workers do not come in contact with these. 
  • Care to be taken while using or handling milk bags, elevator buttons, door knobs, door bells, newspapers, car doors, shoes, garden seats, grocery items, currency notes, ATMs, etc.
  • Make hand-washes, masks, easily available for visitors and household helps.
  • Do not assemble in large groups, postpone any celebration.
  • Ask your local body to fumigate and disinfect your premises.
  • Keep the elderly at home safe. If they are used to morning and evening walks, create alternatives for them at home to exercise so that their contact with outsiders is lesser.
  • Educate the domestic helps, security guards, your grocery vendor, newspaper vendor, delivery boys, etc. about the importance of personal hygiene.

We at luxurykeralaflats.com, hope that this insight on things housing societies must know to fight Coronavirus has been informative to you. Check out flats for sale in Kerala at luxurykeralaflats.com. 

Maintain Social distancing and keep yourself safe!

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